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We are Proud Pakistani, hailed from this country which is our dear homeland, resident of more than 220 million people from all ages, the 4th largest population of the world, but this is Pakistan, land of brave and intelligent people.

It has been observed and required by the masses from all ages since a long time that there must be a scientifically calculated, tailor-made, Forum or a Platform whereby the Buyers, Sellers, Property Estate Agents, Foreign Investors, Overseas Pakistanis and the Landlords could interact with each other and exchange and search their required information and needs. Infact, there are some so-called web-sites bearing different contents but in practice they are reluctant to follow the real life scenarios and needs.

And therefore based on the above facts and figures its name has been given as “PAKISTANI PROPERTY ONLINE”, which is a project of the Pakistani Property Online, a brainchild of two middle age Top Corporate friends Mr.T.M and Mr.S.U.A, Headquartered at Karachi, Pakistan with its overseas presence in USA, UK, Canada, China, Saudi Arabia and other parts of the world.

Our group has also got its forthcoming projects including a Monthly Property Magazine, which will be launching very soon.

The said web-site is an effort, a tribute and favor to all the dearest Landlords, Buyers, Sellers, Overseas Pakistanis, Property Estate Agents and Foreign Investors to facilitate them as much as possible operated @ lowest profit basis, OUT OF WHICH 2.5 % OF THE MONTHLY INCOME ARE BEING USED FOR THE WELFARE OF UNDERPRIVILEGED PAKISTANI COUNTRYMEN.

We hope that this effort in the form of the said WEBSITE TITLED AS WWW.PAKISTANIPROPERTYONLINE.COM may be used and remembered as an endeavor for the development and progress of the Pakistani Property Market.

“LET’S TRY WWW.PAKISTANIPROPERTYONLINE.COM”, a project of Pakistani Property Online”.



MR. T.M.


A UK qualified Professional, having over 15 years of National and International experience of serving in Sr. most capacities with top MNCs and National Companies / Clients as well as the Top ranking Management and Legal Advisor of numerous Top Clients.


Mr. Harris Hasan

Director International Marketing & Finance

A property and financial expert, and a Chartered Accountant by profession, based in England, having a remarkable track record of serving with Top Companies and Clients of the world, with passion to excel further and make a difference.


Mr. S.Umair Ahmed


A qualified IT professional with a track record of working with Top Companies in the manufacturing and the Banking sector of Pakistan, and also having a successful record for providing the technical support to numerous clients at large.